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Friday, September 18, 2015
From his famous leather-clad TV special to his Vegas days, I can’t think of any other pop star who enjoyed the enormous popularity and longevity of Elvis Presley. Even today, people still listen to his music and collect t-shirts, calendars, clocks and anything else that reminds them of the days when Elvis ruled the radio waves.

I remember sitting by the radio with my friends, waiting impatiently for the DJ to play our requests and breaking into wild dances when “Teddy Bear” or “Jailhouse Rock” finally came blaring out of the speakers. I'll never forget how Elvis made us dance and sing. And how my mom used to shout at us to “turn down that radio right now!”

Though they don’t play his music on popular radio anymore, I still have all my original Elvis records. I still dance around when I play them, though maybe a little less wildly. And I still play them really, really loud. The only thing that’s really changed is no one can make me turn it down when I’m rocking out to The King!

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