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Friday, August 14, 2015
Are you watching CNN's The Seventies? I'm addicted. I admit it. I set my DVR every week, but I end up watching it live anyway.

Last night's installment was about the music of the seventies. I was somewhat shocked and dismayed to discover that the 46th anniversary of the Woodstock music festival is this Saturday (Aug. 15). That means that Woodstock — the event that defined a counterculture — is pushing 50 years old.

Young people then were eager to break out of the mold their parents had created for them. Unlike the previous generation, kids weren't looking to grow up, get a good job, get married, have kids of their own, and retire comfortably. It was all about peace and love and music back then. Jobs didn't matter; money didn't matter; nothing mattered but peace and love and, of course, music.

So where are those idealistic kids almost 50 years later? Most of us did exactly what we said we wouldn't: we got jobs, got married, had kids and started saving for retirement. But that's nothing to fret about. Because I don't think any of us have forgotten the defining spirit of "peace and music" that actually straddled two decades: the sixties and the seventies!

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