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Friday, January 20, 2017
I never missed an episode of Star Trek when I was growing up. I'd race home every Friday after school and park myself on the floor right in front of the TV so no one could come between me and my Trek. Unlike my friends, my favorite character wasn't Spock or Kirk or Uhura - it was Dr. McCoy, aka "Bones".

I think McCoy reminded me of our family doctor. He was one of those old-school "country doctors" who still made house calls. He was a bit grumpy, a bit funny, and totally serious about doctoring.

DeForest Kelley was originally tapped for the role of Spock, but he chose Bones instead. At first he called the character "High Noon" for his Wild West frontier style, but the nickname didn't stick. Later in life he told a Star Trek fan magazine, "But High Noon worked out just fine for me, wouldn’t you agree?"

Today would have been Kelley's 97th birthday. I can't help but picture him in front of a candle-laden birthday cake saying, "Blow them out? I'm a doctor, not a wind machine!"

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Friday, January 13, 2017
Wonder Woman was a neighborhood hero when I was a kid. Especially to the girls. Not only could she take care of herself and take down bad guys twice her size, she could deflect bullets with her jewelry and she piloted an invisible plane! She was our hands-down favorite comic book and TV superhero.

In a few short months, the new Wonder Woman movie will be coming out and we're starting to get some hints about what to expect:
  • The director is a woman. Patty Jenkins, who directed the chilling real-life tale Monster finally gets a shot at directing a superhero movie. (She was supposed to direct Thor: The Dark World a few years ago, but it didn't work out.)
  • Greek mythology will play a big role in the story. Though it makes up much of the superhero's own mythology, the Amazon Princess' background has been lacking in other screen projects.  
  • The film will be released before Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice - for good reason. I won't reveal any spoilers, but let's just say the two stories hook up in the end.
The news around the web says we can expect to see Wonder Woman sometime in June, 2017. I can't wait!

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Friday, January 6, 2017
On January 8, Elvis Presley would have turned 82 years old. His untimely death at the tender age of 42 shocked the nation and the world, but as Los Angeles music blogger Randy Lewis is fond of saying, "Elvis still lives." The worldwide celebrations scheduled for this weekend seem to prove Lewis' point.

Elvis lives through his music and his movies, but he's most alive in our memories. My friends and I used to dance in our living rooms, singing along with Elvis' records until we (and the records) were completely worn out. We saw every movie and bought every song. Some of my fondest memories feature an Elvis "soundtrack".

Most of us remember the first time we heard our favorite Elvis song. Or the excitement of seeing a larger-than-life Elvis on the movie screen. The very lucky ones even got to see him in concert. Since then, whole new generations of people have discovered Elvis. They're making new memories set to the music of Elvis Presley.

Which is why Elvis still lives. And always will.

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Friday, December 30, 2016
In the age of web-based and electronic calendars and personal assistants paper calendars seem a little, well, dated. But I still use them. Judging by how many we sell, lots of other people do, too.

I hang calendars everywhere. The kids each have a one in their room, the family activity tracker hangs on the bulletin board in the kitchen, and my husband's calendar is (somewhere) in his man cave. I have three of them - one for work, one for the kids' activities, and one for birthdays, anniversaries and everything else I don't want to forget in the midst of 365 busy days.

Don't get me wrong - my digital calendar is very handy, especially the little pop-ups. Those reminders have saved me more than once! But it's lost the fun part. The part where you get to flip the pages of a calendar featuring your favorite movie, pop star, or cultural icon as you watch the days melt into weeks and the weeks melt into months and the seasons melt into the past. For that, well, there's just nothing like a good old fashioned paper calendar!

Happy New Year!

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Friday, December 23, 2016
This is the time of year for reliving fond memories of Christmas Past. We gather with family and friends to celebrate and honor age old traditions. It's also the time for making new memories that we'll relive during a Christmas Future.

Before we all go home for the holiday, I'd like to take a moment to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas Present (pun intended) from all of us here at Betty's Attic.

And to everyone who celebrates Hanukkah, Kwanza, or other winter holidays, we wish you the best in merry making and memory making for your holiday season.  

We've enjoyed sharing our memories with you all year long. And we can't wait to start making new ones next year!

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Friday, December 16, 2016
Remember waking up and finding your stocking just packed with holiday goodies on Christmas morning? Digging through the tiny treasures all the way down to the toe of the giant red velvet stocking was always one of my favorite parts of the holiday. And it still is!

These days, I enjoy stuffing stockings as much as I enjoy un-stuffing them. Of course, you can buy fully stuffed stockings, too. They're great for saving time or for creating a fun theme. For example, our Soc-O-Magic and and Soc-O-Pranks stockings are great for the budding magician or class clown in the family.

If you want to hand-select your goodies, here are a few last minute ideas for creating an old-fashioned stocking just like Mom (I mean Santa!) used to make:
  • Candy & nuts: Sweet and crunchy, and always a huge favorite with kids.
  • Games: Not only a great gift, but also a way to keep kids busy and out from underfoot while you're preparing the holiday feast. 
  • Warm Socks: Baby, it's cold outside and kids of all ages like to keep their toes toasty. 
  • A piece of fruit: This one is for my mom. She always felt like we should have one healthy treat in our stockings. She'd usually bury a tangerine somewhere in the middle of all those goodies.
  • Money: No need to explain this one. What kid wouldn't love a bit of 'walking around money' for the holiday vacation?
Merry Christmas and have fun stuffing those stockings!
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Friday, December 9, 2016
I've spent the last couple of weeks up in the attic choosing the perfect retro ornaments for this year's tree, unboxing our heirloom figurines, and setting up my Grandmother's beloved Christmas Village on the fireplace mantel. Everything is ready to go for our traditional family holiday.

Watching Christmas movies and old TV shows is one of our traditions, too. When I was a kid, we'd have to watch whatever the networks decided to show. But with our handy DVD player at the ready, we can screen our own favorites and even pause for a refreshment or replay our favorite scenes.

The only thing left is choosing the Christmas Classics we'll show back-to-back on the TV in the living room while football games run on multiple channels out in the "man cave". When I was a kid, the adults did the choosing, but the tradition has evolved to let the youngsters have their say, too. Now we get a pretty good mix of variety programming like old Bob Hope specials, cartoons new and old, and silly comedies like Christmas Vacation.

I prefer the old school stuff myself, but in the spirit of the season, it's only fair to share the DVD player with everyone in the family. After all, Christmas is for kids, too!

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