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Friday, May 13, 2016
Raggedy Ann is looking pretty good for her age! The iconic doll turns 101 years old this year and she hasn't changed a bit. She still wears her traditional calico dress, pinafore and striped leggings. And she still has all the features I fell in love with — from her red hair to her button eyes to the I Love You heart on her chest.

I must have gone through dozens of Raggedy Ann (and Raggedy Andy) dolls when I was a kid. I dragged them around with me everywhere. Sometimes by their arms or legs, sometimes by their red yarn hair. That was the great thing about the rag dolls. You could wear them out, but you couldn't break them like some of the other dolls I used to have.

Most of my Raggedy dolls are retired to the attic now, but a few of them hold places of honor next to my 'adult' collection. Sure, they're a little bit worn and faded, but they remind me of those long ago days when Raggedy Ann and I went everywhere together.

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