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Monday, January 12, 2015

On Friday, January 9th, the lovely Duchess of Cambridge turned 33! Her radiant smile, keen fashion sense, and hands-on parenting style remind us of another princess we adored—Princess Diana.

Our fascination with royal women isn’t something new. For centuries, princess stories have been told through ancient hieroglyphics, Greek mythology, medieval plays, Grimm’s fairy tales, and of course, Walt Disney animation. There’s something so compelling about the idea of a commoner being swept off her feet by a handsome prince—or being manor-born and living happily ever after in a palace! But there’s more to royalty than tiaras and ball gowns. The princesses we adore are generous, kind and brave—traits shared by the fairy tale variety like Cinderella and Snow White, warrior princesses Wonder Woman and Princess Leia, and real-life modern day women like Diana Princess of Wales and Catherine Duchess of Cambridge. Long may they reign!

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